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by Elizabeth Ferguson-McNish on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Troon

Bought this today in Ayr, couldn't wait to get home and try it,fully expecting it to fail......OMG......it works !! Within 30-40 seconds I could see it working,after it dried completely I was amazed. I was a bit cheesed off tho, the wrinkles that have disappeared have left the tan lines where they were 😤 oh well needed a new face powder anyway.

by Chrissydee on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Bexhill

Amazing product, certainly does as advertised. Only given 4 stars as container is poorly designed! I am sure there is more left in the bottle, but unable to obtain. Perhaps a bottle make over is due!

Thank you for the great review. I will certainly pass on your feedback!
Kind regards, Caroline

by Sally-Anne Street on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Redditch Worcestershire

I think I may have it perfected now, as I had some trouble applying at first when it turned white. Found out was not shaken enough and too much put on and also not perfected the art of smearing it on so to speak. I use it when I want to brighten myself up and to look younger, think I've my partner as he still doesn't know my true age. Looking forward to the foundation coming out folks.

by Sian on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Wales

I would give 5 cos it's brilliant but when I put my foundation on it's gone . What foundation should I use pls xx as I need a brand name and I'll get it

Hi Sian, thank you for the great review!
If when applying make up and it is having an adverse effect it sounds as though you need to leave My Perfect Eyes to dry a little longer before applying make up. Do not apply make up over the top of My Perfect Eyes for about 20 minutes, giving the product time to completely set.

You should not apply a wet/oil based foundation or under eye concealer as they can dissolve the 'web like' structure that My Perfect Eyes forms. A mineral based foundation, cream to powder, compressed powder or mousse is best.

Customers have recommended No.7 Mousse, JML Mineral Magic and Revlon Colour Stay.
Watch this space! We are currently in the process of producing our own foundation that will work perfectly over the top of My Perfect Eyes.
Kind regards, Caroline

by carole-anne ransley on My Perfect Eyes
Location: isle of Man

I am pleased with the product and purchased the 200 applications a while back but there was not enough for 200 applications. I would like to purchase more but the postage is excessive. Which, if any Lloyds pharmacies due you supply to in the Isle of Man and are the purchased at the same price with the offers available?

That's great to hear you are pleased with your purchase of My Perfect Eyes. I have emailed you a list of stockists on the Isle Of Man. If you require any further information or help then please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 02476 937 054.
Kind regards, Caroline

by Lorna on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Bournemouth

I have used this product and it works however, how and why do i get a white residue when it drys. I had to take the cream off before the residue would go. Please help whats wrong.

My Perfect Eyes should not leave a white residue as it is designed to form a clear 'web like' structure. It needs to be applied to clean, dry, bare skin. Usually when white residue is visible it is indicative of an application issue where a little too much product has been used.

We do only recommend a pea sized amount to be applied in one swift motion working from the inside outwards. This pea sized amount should be enough to do both eyes. Feather the edges of the product where it meets the cheekbone to avoid any build up that could cause the white residue. Do not dab or reapply as this can either cause a residue or break the veil on the skin.

Or there may be remnants of a cleanser, make up wipe or moisturiser still on the skin this will cause the My Perfect Eyes to diminish and could cause the white residue. Please also ensure you are giving the bottle a really good shake prior to use.

You can call our Customer Service Team on 02476 937 054 if you would like to talk this through further.
Kind regards, Caroline

by helen on My Perfect Eyes
Location: south yorkshire

This product is RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING! I've been buying anti-ageing creams for 30 years and NOTHING compares with MY PERFECT EYES! the results are exactly what it claims. Seriously, YOU NEED MY PERFECT EYES IN YOUR LIFE!

by Kevin on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Birmingham

I've tried lots of products spending lots of money and expected to be equally disappointed with this product. I am very happy to admit that this totally works for me to the point that I could have been an advertisement for it. The effect is quite dramatic and long lasting. I've also used instantly ageless which has the same active ingredient but at double the price it's less appealing. The shear amount you get (100mls) could last potentially for months. I'm a very chuffed customer, happy days

by Jacqui Baxter on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Gloucestershire

I have inherited my Father's puffy eyes, and have been embarrassed all of my life with them. I have tried a lot of products, and when I saw this I really didn't think it would work! It does, However, having watched the video 6 times and tried almost every day to apply the product, it always dries with a white crust. I have followed the instructions to the letter, and am so disappointed with this one aspect of the product. Is there a solution to this problem?

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for the great review! I am sorry to hear you are experiencing white residue, this is usually easily rectified.

Firstly, ensure you give the bottle a really good shake prior to use. Then using only a small pea sized amount for both eyes apply in one swift motion working from the inside outwards. Do not dab or reapply as this can also cause a residue. You can also gently feather the product into where this meets your cheekbone to assure there is no residue around the edges.

Kind regards,

by Cag on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Buckinghamshire

Was a bit sceptical about trying My Perfect Eyes, thought it would either be a waste of money or irritate my sensitive skin under my eyes. Curiosity got the better of me and I'm glad it did. This stuff is great. You really do not need much, in fact less is more. I applied as per the instructions and used a hand fan to speed up the drying process. Within 1 minute I could see my under eye area becoming smoother. It did not irritate while I had it on, and there was no irritation post removal. I took it off after 7 hours and although not as fab as when I first applied my under eye was still smoother than normal. It removed my bags and lines. Absolutely brilliant!

by Kath on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Wales

Purchased my perfect eyes incredible results, have purchased similar products before with disappointing results my perfect eyes is unbelievable I have been asked if I have had surgery as the result is absolutely perfect I hardly wear makeup and there is no need to blend any makeup on your skin if you dont want to, i couldn't believe that it actually worked for the whole time I was as work.

by Mary Kerr on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Scotland

Bought this product and it does what it says only problem I'm having is when I apply my foundation and I've tried loads mouse bare minerals etc and the look disappears can anyone help with this problem.

Hi Mary, it's best not to apply a wet/oil based foundation or under eye concealer on top of My Perfect Eyes as they can dissolve the ‘web’ like structure My Perfect Eyes forms on top of the skin and therefore diminish the effects. A mineral based foundation, cream to powder, compressed powder/bronzer or a mousse works best!

Do not apply make up over the top of My Perfect Eyes for about 20 minutes, giving the product time to completely set. You can apply your make up soon after application over the rest of your face avoiding the eye area for this short time. As you have used a mousse I am wondering if it is down to drying time?

Customers have recommended No.7 Mousse, JML Mineral Magic and Revlon Colour Stay to us saying that they get great results with My Perfect Eyes when using these foundations.

Kind regards, Caroline

by Penny on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Spain

I normally dont bother with reviews but this product deserves it. It is amazing. I bought it because i just thought it might work a bit on puffiness, it did, but i decided to try it on my upper lid, just under the eyebrow t see if it tightened there to lift my eye lid a little, and to my amazement it did. If you put a little above the eye brow it helps even more. Amazing brilliant product which is now a daily for me.

by Jill Le Brocq on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Jersey

I bought My Perfect Eyes after seeing an advert in the daily paper and watching the video. I confess to thinking that it would probably not work as well as shown. However, I was totally wrong and am absolutely delighted - I keep checking the mirror. Have just ordered another supply. It's a fantastic product which I've recommended to my friends. Thanks.

by Lesley Kerr on My Perfect Eyes
Location: London

This product was recommended to me by my sister-in-law and after trying it on just the one eye, the results were very noticeable to the eye that I didn't treat. I was really impressed and bought my own bottle that same day. I've spent the past 2 weeks learing the best techniques to put it on and how to apply make up on top of it. My top tip would be to apply your foundation with a brush. I'm beyond thrilled. If I hadn't tried it for myself and experienced the amazing results, I would thought that your testimonials were exaggerated. Thank You - a great product.

by lorraine gadsby on My Perfect Eyes
Location: uk

i have suffered with bags under my eyes for years due to thyroid trouble and am booked in for consaltation at cosmetic clinic next month to go down that route saw the advert for my parfect eyes bought it yesterday ive tried it this morning and can honestly say i think its absolutly marvelous no bags, completely gone, been 4 hours since i applied it cannot stop looking in the mirror i will in future be buying again best thing since sliced bread thank u my perfect eyes its brilliant!

by brian markham on My Perfect Eyes
Location: ipswich

seen it on tv, got it from my local lloyds pharmacy for her indoors wow works brill even i tried it it works on men too

by Ann on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Edinburgh

Saw this on tv a few times and was tempted. Saw it today in my local chemist on sale and bought it. I did one eye as had a photoshoot planned, just wanted to test it for myself. This works! It really works. I have a puffy under eye and slight discolouration. Applied exactly as per the instruction and within seconds could feel a slight sensation. Not sore nor uncomfy like a cool sensation. The difference was almost instant. I have been talking about this to all my friends. I think this product is my new must have essential. It does what it shows on the TV ad. So impressed.

by Louise on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Brockenhurst

Bought this cream this morning after seeing it on offer in my local chemist. Followed the instructions to the letter and applied. Didn't feel much sensation at all slight pulling after a few minutes then nothing. Looked in the mirror didn't see any difference. Carried on with a couple things I had to do , looked in the mirror after about 10 minutes and definitely saw a difference. I have a line under one of my eyes and this was gone. Squinted a bit and no lines appeared as they usually do. I don't have bad wrinkles just a couple of fine lines but all gone. My eyes do have big bags from lack of sleep and these were gone, the small puffy bit under both eyes was flat and darkness gone.I would say this product definitely works and the skin around my eyes looks better. Will continue using this daily if the effects are the same each time

by Margaret Emmott on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Cumbria

I was very sceptical about this product, however after trying it for the first time it worked. It was almost possible to see the lines vanishing as you watched. I did find that it works best on a completely dry skin not immediately after a shower. I am 70 years old and this has increased my confidence tremendously. Thank you Perfect Eyes.

by Lora on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Suffolk

Just tried this product and I am absolutely amazed! Being retired now and getting somewhat "baggy" it is wonderful to see my face without the bags and lines. As I don't go anywhere important every day I shall only use it when I'm going somewhere special so it will last me longer. Today I'm joining my Italian class and there will be eight others there. I wonder if anyone will say something? I shall be surprised if no-one does because the difference is fantastic. I would say buy it and follow the instructions carefully - I did and I got it right first time. Don't rush and don't dab!!

by Julie Witcomb on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Brighton

Amazing product. Works instantly!!!! I have really dark shadows under my eyes due to puffiness, this eradicated them immediately. I know it'll only last for 8 hours but makes an incredible difference!!! Already ordered my second lot (only had this one for 2 days, but want to stock up).

by robertos on My Perfect Eyes
Location: greater manchester, England

>>> Is this some kind of wind-up? lol. Seriously got the licence for this product in Europe? Well, take it as a positive feedback, since I've NEVER seen "non-injection" equivalent of Botox (and other products available) in a cream actualy working before my eyes!! (For family member). I'm simply waiting for the April 1st giggles to come, because this is unreal?? Go on..... pinch me.... I cannot be REALLY seeing this for this price, can I???JUST GET IT FOLKS! BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY IN THEIR PROMOS....Refreshing change!

by christine on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Berkshire

I brought this and yes it really works, but found not much liquid in bottle.

by Tracey on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Birmingham

What can i say i brought this after being advertised and to be honest i didnt think it was going to work but omg i was so wrong it has made me feel so much better in myself and has took years off me all i can say is thankyou and will always be buying this, its fantastic x

by Jacqueline Bayless on My Perfect Eyes
Location: East Sussex

Fantastic product. I have tried some other products that claim to give the best results. They don't. This is the best without any doubt. You cannot rush putting it on. Give yourself time. Oil free and clean hands and under eyes should be the way to go. Do not put too much and make sure it is rubbed in properly otherwise you can get a little residue. Practice makes perfect! A tip I have is that I put on my eye make up first, such as eye shadow and mascara etc. Also any powder or powder on my face avoiding the under eye area where I put My Perfect Eyes. I also do my lipstick first. The reason? Because you don't realize that you are pulling faces when applying your usual make up and if you put the My Perfect Eyes on before your other make up, then you are distorting the layer of it before it is set properly. It works for me anyway and I try not to have too many expressions until after 20 minutes or so. It really works well. I cannot put foundation on over the top of it, that for me does not work. But I don't need foundation or powder under my eyes. Love this product so much.

by cheryl simpson on My Perfect Eyes
Location: spain

Bought this product after seeing it advertised,i can honestly say as a 52year old.....i have my confidence back 😆 no more saggy eyes...this is the best product for eye bags i have ever used!! Will be using this product FOR EVER 😆😆

by theresa on My Perfect Eyes
Location: uk

i would give this product a 5 as it does what it says but i cannot get rid of the white residue i get after it has dried shame i do like this product

by Fiona on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Scotland

I'm always a bit wary of the claims some cosmetic companies make but I kept seeing the advert for My Perfect Eyes. My health has taken a beating over the last couple of years and the huge valleys under my eyes were getting me down. I took the plunge and bought My Perfect Eyes. Wow! It is fantastic. You can virtually see it working. I've a wedding to go to in the summer and the wrinkles and puffiness under my eyes were bothering me as I want to look and feel good. Now I will feel great. Less is more with application. Ive very sensitive skin and it's been fine. I had to check in every mirror in the house to make sure I wasn't seeing things! It truly is a little bottle of magic!!

by Haynes on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Hampshire

Just got magic eyes used it straight away it is fantastic so I have ordered the rest of the productsSure they will be as good can't wait to get them too5star rating

by Karl watkins on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Pontypool

Second time I've bought this for my mrs it works that's why I've bought her the larger 200 offer it's amazing

by julie sperring on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Cheltenham

I bought and tried this product, found it amazing, i like many older women have bags that could hold a vast amount of clothes. lol. Seriously though it does work, feels a bit like super glue at first, then ok. I recommend.

by Beryl on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Hampshire

I watched the TV advertisement and thought it must be worth a try. I haven't found any other product which works like this one. I was delighted with the results. I shall certainly recommend to others and buy more.

by mia on My Perfect Eyes
Location: dorset

Like most women aged 50 & over, i started to get saggy skin/eye bags, i had my daughter at 40years of age and felt i was so old looking, my eldestest daughter now 30years, always says mum, you heave such good skin...like most, i saw this product and just had to try it, oh my goodness, i feel 10 years younger, skin feels tighter, even my other half noticed WOW!!! that is a miracle, i would highly recommend this product, do not over indulge in the amount you use as you do tend to get a whitish mark around the eye..you can cover with your daily foundation/powder, honestly, i do not buy things on impulse but this product is really as good as a eyelift, give it a go and please let me know if you agree with me. I will be using for many, many years

by tracy on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Norfolk

After suffering for years with baggy eyes along with insomnia I decided to try this cream and with honesty im totally amazed by the results after spending £400 on Botox to then be told id need surgery well hit with this cream I found u have to practice putting it on and now I have finally mastered it I then leave for 1 hour before applying a matt based foundation any other foundation just reversers the effect totally amazed

by EMMA on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Essex

'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'. They say there is an exception to every rule and Perfect Eyes is the exception to that one. The product is every bit as good as it claims to be.

by Linda on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Cumbria

Absolutely outstanding results. I look and feel 10 years younger. Will be ordering more.

by sharon on My Perfect Eyes
Location: scotland

its a fab product 10/10

by Patricia Magill on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Wales

I purchased eye cream after I read an advert in the Daily mail.I am so thrilled with the results. All my family and friends are amazed at the difference it has made to the bags under my eyes. So many adverts promising results but failed to deliver.This is the only time I can honestly say "it does what it say's on the box". Fantastic.Thank you.

by Alison Green on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire

Astounding! My baggy eyes made me very anti photographs of me as the bags seemed to jump out of the picture first. I was sceptical about this product, but have to admit I am now convinced, no, converted! I look years younger, my eyes look brighter and I have gained so much confidence. My husband wants to try it too...I might let him, but I like craggy men!

by Barbara on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Canada

This is the most fantastic product for the eyes I have ever used, hopefully I can have it shipped to Canada when I run out. The puffy eyes have gone and eyes look brighter. I would give it ten stars for sure

by Janice on My Perfect Eyes
Location: USA

Having read about your product in the Daily Mail, and I was on my way over for a visit, I ordered a bottle and have just now tried it for the first time. AMAZING!!! I love it and next year when I come over if you still don't ship to the USA I will be ordering a large quantity for friends over here. A question please: has anyone tried using this on another part of the face such as the upper lip? I'd really appreciate an answer. Thanks so much!

by Eleanor on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Warwick

My Mum has only used the product for one day and thinks it's fantastic! She loves it that much I've already ordered her some more and some for myself to try!

by Tricia Foster on My Perfect Eyes
Location: London

I was reluctant to try My Perfect Eyes as I doubted the product would be right for my skin. I assumed the reason the company's ad did not feature any people of colour was due to its unsuitability, but clearly there are other reasons because whilst at a friends house I was encouraged to try it and lo and behold it worked beautifully. The product didn't leave a chalky coloured film on my face, although clearly visible once it had tried, after make up was applied to my Oprah skin tone it blended perfectly.

by Lynnette Simpson on My Perfect Eyes
Location: London

Never normally bother to do a review but this time I felt I had to. Wow it's amazing It took years off my face immediately my friends have now all ordered a bottle and I've ordered some lots more!

by Anna Brookes on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Warrington

I read all the adverse reviews and nearly didn't buy the product but, based on the fact I've been to some super hotels that have been given poor reviews by others, I decided to 'go for it' and make up my own mind about it. I'm SO glad I did! It is, unquestionably, amazing! I applied a tiny amount in a sweeping movement, as instructed, and watched my wrinkles disappear. It feels a bit taut at first, but this soon goes. I experimented with various tinted moisturisers and foundations over the top and found mousse or mineral powder the best. It stayed put all day and I just wiped it off with my normal makeup remover at night. There was no grittiness and although I have fairly sensitive skin around my eyes, no after effects were experienced. I was so thrilled with the result I was almost weepy as my baggy under eyes have been causing me a lot of distress. (Not a good idea - crying is a bit counter productive!). So all I can say is it worked for me, I'm very happy and if you buy it READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!

by Fay Freeburn on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Scotland

I use My Perfect Eyes every day. I have bags under my eyes and this removes them completely. For work or going out, once I have applied the product and it has dried I apply foundation lightly with a brush ( from a liquid concealer) for a smooth finish. At the weekend I usually just leave it bare. I love it. I feel confident with My Perfect Eyes. It lasts all day and even if I go out after work. I remove it at night with water.

by Juliet on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Wolverhampton

Seen the ads honestly thought they might be faked. Tried it today for the first times it is amazing I am 69 years old I reckon it takes 10 years off me I did not expect it to work was prepared to throw it in the bin!! Amazing product..

by Valerie Tear on My Perfect Eyes
Location: Kent

This product is absolutely amazing - it really works. It removes my puffiness, lines and dark circles - I look at least 10 years younger. I've worn it in several conditions - wind, rain, hot & humid, cold and snowy - and it always holds up without the effect disappearing. It lasts for more than 10 hours and is easy to remove at night with just water and a cotton pad. I completely and enthusiastically recommend this product.